Kuukausi: maaliskuu 2023

Fucking Clowns – Alan Paine and sector pressure

The strongman Alan Paine did not enjoy performing
Every show was an ordeal for him
The applause rang in his ears like a firing squad
The journeys ate him up, and the train’s rattle rattled the coffin lid
The whole circus was to him like the gates of hell
But the pressure did not make him a diamond
Alan, the strong man, grew wings from the pressure
And flew away.

Fucking clowns – Sam de Ville does his job


Sam de Ville had worked a long week, every extra hour he could and some he couldn’t, and had worked a Saturday, and then a long Sunday, before the week started all over again.
On Wednesday, at 6.15am, he left again, taking his cap and nine-year-old blue hoodie, which he had last washed in the spring, when the first spring rains swept the dust from the city.
Now the Canadian maples were blushing in the autumn rain and Sam de Ville was walking from the 14th Street station when he saw the reflection in the Chipotle window.
An empty hoodie and cap stood there in the rain, on the corner of Irving Place, and Sam de Ville never made it to work.

Fucking Clowns – Dolly walks into the sky

The first time they did the Dolly in the Sky walk, they hadn’t finished practising it. But the performance was mostly spot on, as they say, they made it look like Dolly was walking off the stage on the backs of men jumping in the air.
In reality, at some points there was a gap of tens of centimetres, but the lights, the movement, the distance and the magic of the circus, what the professionals called the ropes, created for the audience what they wanted to believe in the circus, a miracle.
But it was also the case that Dolly, was very gullible, and had she not been, she might not have been a trapeze artist, for she would have wanted to be a detective story writer. But her uncle had led her to believe that there were no such things as female detective writers, and Dolly’s ideal, Agatha Christie, was in fact a Polish man.
After they’d done the trick dozens of times, Dolly believed in the magic of the circus herself, and left the wire off.
It didn’t bother anyone.