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Fucking Clowns -Haim Franzic’s last show

Haim Franzic had been acting for 32 years in TV series, various supporting roles and B-scifi alien roles, when he stepped on one toe too many and was told he was too old and moved to the Circus as part of a space show for another thirty years.
One day he said he was ready to retire, and after the show he walked to a nearby bridge and disappeared in a flash of light.

Fucking Clowns – Professor Falconer’s statement

Fredrick Falconer’s interview on the TV current affairs programme on 12 July 2012 was considered the defining moment of his career, and his statement on the role of dance, stand-up and clowning in the arts was widely quoted. For Falconer himself, the opinion was unclear, as he had forgotten to ask beforehand what his opinion should be.