In the moon in the mood

NYC12 980New York … I really like it in.

If I could afford it, I lived there always part of the year.
Of course, the matter complicated by the fact that I hardly know how to speak English, and this in turn the Google translator, but I understand quite a lot.

In 2012, a show associated with a funny event. I met Mood fabric store a regretsian, unfortunately, when my memory is, what it is now, I do not remember who he was, but he was, but he wanted with me a photograph, and of course I agreed.

But a moment later wanted the picture with an older woman who spoke English with a thick accent. And of course I agreed, and his grandchildren took a picture.

I went to the shelves in between, but I heard this woman and granddaughter discussion around the corner.

– ”Who was he?”
– ”I do not know, but someone famous and foreigner!”