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The Bragalone’s bluest eyes. Part 2

When they had arrived here at Arbo’s house, Giuanna had only been a year old, and it was 10 years ago this spring. She had never left the mountain, meeting only her parents, her seven brothers and her uncle Lenardu, who had visited a few times, her cousin Libòriu and his mother, Adelac, who visited twice, and each time they left her father looked worried. Apart from these few relatives, there were only two servants, Altea and Zemu, and that was every person Giuanna remembered.
But now Giuanna’s blue eyes began to bother her.
It was hard for her to even imagine any other women, except her mother, Altea and Adelac. Mum was Mum, and Altea was old, but Adelacia, she was beautiful in Giuanna’s eyes.
The next day Giuanna asked her father ”Did you see the princess when you went downstairs?”
The father smiled, ”Onorau told you then? No, I didn’t, I did see the carrying chair,” but the daughter now interrupted
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