Avainsana: human

Oh how small are the pieces of my happiness in the world

I am writing a long series on human evolution and the development of human culture.
This text is translated from the closing speech of its first season.
The title is from the song ”Juokse sinä humma” – ”Run my little horse” by the famous Finnish singer-songwriter Tapio Rautavaara.
You can decide for yourself whether this is a story, a poem or a factual text.

There they are, the myths behind the bags.

Birth, and then above the savannah sky,
the moon, like gold, crossing the sky

repeating itself as in a spasm

Moon from period to month,

changing, yet always the same

but with the sun on top

always the same,

again and again year after year,

raises the savannah to the haze

not as important as the moon, of course

that illuminates at night, in the darkness

like the women, the sisters of the moon

then come the rains, as come

as a thankful torment,

like so like so like

As the changing sky

which lightning cleaves, again

always different, but the same as the rain from the day

Then after the rain the earth heavy with grass
green beyond the blue mountains

green to the green sea Lue lisää ”Oh how small are the pieces of my happiness in the world”