The most horrible one has no name

The most horrible one has no name

How many words do we have

Sirius, Canopus, Rigil Centaurus

Stars we can see

Arcturus, Vega, Capella

As far as we can see

Rigel, Procyon, Achemar

To every star there is a word

Antares, Aldebaran, Altair

And for those we don’t know

we give a name,

according as we meet them.

We have a word for the first light

For the moment before the sun rises

we have a word for the last moment

before the sun goes out.

We have a word for the Bear Black Breast,

The hairy foot, the honey comb

And to the distant dead woods

We have a word for Grandma

And words for her children

Words for their spouses

We have words for the parents

and we have words for their sisters

to their brothers in death

We have a word for him

Whose father and mother have already had the last word.

We have a world full of words

There is a word for those who enjoy the pain of another

And to those who get their kicks out of their pain

A word for the one who forces you to his cock

To the one who fucks a child and calls it love

A word to him who kills another

We have a word for the blood-sucking monster

and to the bull of myths in Crete

Even to the one we don’t know,

who watches us from the night of childhood.

For every monster we have a word

And word for word, we’ll find a word for a monster

We have a word for everything.

And yet we haven’t had enough to go around

Just a word for everything

That doesn’t break us completely.

We can endure widowhood

And we endure orphanhood.

But for everything we have no word.

But no word for the worst, The most terrible and the most awful.

That we dare not think of, that in the glory of the day Chills the soul and tears the feathers from our wings.

We have no word for them,

To the most terrible of the most terrible

The most monstrous of monsters

To parents whose child has gone to the grave